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Intensive Early Behavior Therapy (IEBT)
MEAP provides in-home IEBT services for exness children with an autism spectrum disorder from ages 0-5 years who live in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Behavior analytic principles and techniques are integrated with developmental and language instruction principles as the fundamental underpinnings of the program. The program consists of multiple components such as:

• Individualized goals and objectives
• Comprehensive treatment based on the child’s need
• Intensive instruction in structured and natural teaching settings
• Data-based analysis
• Systematic generalization of skills

The MEAP program uses a combination of โบรกเกอร์ exness evidence-based behavioral teaching strategies such as discrete trial training, and natural environment or incidental teaching. The specific techniques employed vary form child to child according to need.

Staff will conduct daily data collection and analysis to determine therapy effectiveness and progress on treatment objectives. Treatment typically consists of 25-40 hours per week of therapy scheduled in 2 to 3 hour time blocks, depending upon the child and specific program goals determined in his/her treatment plan. At the onset, treatment will be conducted in the child’s home. Until children have developed some speech and social skills, they often learn best in a 1:1 setting. Therefore for the majority of children, our work during the first year is done in the child's home setting.

During the intake process, the psychologist will make a recommendation as to the number of hours of intensive behavioral intervention that would be appropriate for the child on a weekly basis. Treatment will continue in the home until the child has acquired skills that will enable her/him to learn in the relatively complex, uncontrolled situations that exist in school and in the community. At that point, treatment will shift to helping the child adjust to the school and community settings.

Parent/Caregiver Involvement
Parent and caregiver input regarding their child’s goals is an exness-th.com essential part of the intervention process. Parents and members of the therapy team work together to develop an individual treatment plan (ITP) for each child. During therapy itself, therapists will target predetermined goals from the child’s Individual Treatment Plan (ITP). A stated goal of therapy is to collaborate with parents and all regular care providers to provide them with the necessary skills to provide effective treatment to the child throughout the 24 hours of the day. Specific objectives and methods will be selected for their value in assisting parents and care providers in acquiring skills as well as for training the child. 

At MEAP, this participation includes every other week case review meetings, participation in each program evaluation and assessment activity, and learning therapy methods to promote generalization to the natural environment during times therapy staff is not present.

Funding Options
MEAP is able to accept payment for services through Minnesota Medical Assistance, BCBS of Minnesota, MCHA (Minnesota Comprehensive Healthcare Association) as well as private payment contracts.

Families who are interested in MEAP services may contact our Intake Department at 763-425-0792.

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